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Regulations of exploitation and utilization of Douro Marima for Download

Douro Marina shipyard regulations Download

January 2012

Regulations of exploitation and utilization of Douro Marima


Article 1-object and scope
Article 2-management and exploitation
Article 3-security

  • Section I-Ability and assignment
Article 4-Ability
Article 5-reserve capacity
Article 6-boat Parking
Article 7-capacity allocation scheme
Article 8-Requirements
Article 9-Transmission

  • SECTION II-Access
Article 10-exit of boats
Article 11a formalities and manoeuvres of the vessel

  • SECTION III-Sojourn
Article 12-stay of vessels
Article 13-obligations of owners of vessels
Article 14-limitations on the use of the dock

  • SECTION IV-dry Parking
Article 15-dry Parking

  • Section V-Output
Article 16-formalities at departure

  • Section I-Organization and management
Article 17-Management
Article 18-reserve
  • SECTION II-Supplementary services
Article 19-repair-civil work
Article 20-other services

Article 21-prices

Article 22-Responsibility
Article 23-review
Article 24-Removal
Article 25-Termination of rights

Article 26-Integration and Interpretation
Article 27-complaints and suggestions
Article 28-entry into force
Article 29-Advertising

Chapter I

Article 1
Subject matter and scope

1. this regulation concerns the regulation of conditions of exploitation and utilization of Douro Marina and is applicable to all individuals or legal entities as well as vessels, machinery, vehicles and any objects or animals who are, for any reason whatsoever within the perimeters of the Douro Marina.

2. the concession area of the Douro Marina is in the attached (Annex I), comprising a parking zone for vessels afloat, called "Marina", a zone of support vessels which includes service and support infrastructures of vessels "zone" and even a flat terrain shopping area, known as the "dry zone".

the) the Marina includes the area made up of the set of all parking Wharf, docking stations and temporary, permanent, wharf piers, piers, ramps and all areas intended for the exclusive use of the vessels including infill sites and warehouses that will be constructed for parking of boats to dry.

b) the "dry zone" integrates all areas not included in the dock on the perimeter of the Douro Marina, + but not designated,
the set of all buildings, support infrastructures, business areas, service areas, common areas, streets and parking lots.

Article 2
Management and exploitation

1. Without prejudice to the powers legally assigned to other entities, the management and exploitation of Douro Marina is committed to m. Couto Alves-Marina de Gaia, Lda.

2. m. Couto Alves-Marina de Gaia, Lda. should underpin their management activities and exploration of the Marina by the following principles:

the) safety assurance and protection of infrastructure installations, buildings and port equipment and other goods;

b) Safeguarding the environment of tidal zones and maritime terrestressob its management;

c) optimization and rationalization of economic exploitation and development of the Marina;

d) protection of the legitimate interests of the port community.

3. it is also to m. Couto Alves-Marina de Gaia, Lda., ensure the cleanliness, security and streamlining the Marina.

4. the prices to be performed by stationing of boats are fixed by m. Couto Alves-Marina de Gaia, Lda. according to the existing table.

5. Includes the powers of d. Couto Alves-Marina de Gaia, Inc. the right to prohibit access to the Marina of any person who has previously committed therein or upset your normal return operation and failure to comply with the rules of safety and environment established by m. Couto Alves-Marina de Gaia, Lda.

6. m. Couto Alves-Marina de Gaia, Inc. may, in legal terms and after duly authorised by APDL, assign to others under the same system of granting or by another appropriate legal title, the exercise of activities falling within its fields of competence, as well as conclude contracts with a view to commercial exploitation of all or part of the Marina.

Article 3

For security reasons and without prejudice to the rights, freedoms and guarantees of citizens, m. Couto Alves-Marina de Gaia Inc. may adopt, among others, the following measures or steps:

the) Require information about places of origin or of destination of the ships name, nationality, number of persons and landed, probable date and time of departure;

b) proceed with the identification of people who frequent the Marina;

c) Promote, with the competent authorities the impediment of departure of vessels in justified cases of non-compliance with the standards laid down;

d) Report to the competent authorities any offences they obtain practiced in Douro Marina or outside by
vessels or bystanders usually Park.

Chapter III


Organisation and management

Article 17

It is the m. Couto Alves-Marina de Gaia, Lda. , setting out the tasks to be carried out in the shops of Marina, as well as the conditions for their exercise, in accordance with the applicable legal regulations.

Article 18

The m. Couto Alves-Marina de Gaia, Inc. must reserve the "dry zone", suitable facilities for services in support of vessels and their users, as well as facilities for the official service with representation in the Marina.

Provision of complementary services

Article 19
Repair work

1. the m. Couto Alves-Marina de Gaia Inc. may, exceptionally, authorise the completion of work on minor repairs of vessels provided that they are intended solely for support of the boats stationed at the Marina.

2. those responsible for carrying out repairs of vessels may not, under any circumstances, throw or pour into the waters of the port, in the soil or in sewers, any harmful waste substances or wastes which may cause pollution, and should ensure the following:

the) the appropriate packaging of municipal solid waste (USW) and the correct deposition in equipment integrated into the removal service in accordance with all rules imposed on management of this waste-specific regulation;
b) proper deposition of waste oils, filters and oily waste equipment available and properly identified and can be collected, transported and routed to final destination;
c) proper deposition of used packaging of paints, thinners, solvents and other hazardous substances in equipment
available and properly identified and can be collected, transported and routed to final destination;
d) the recovery of batteries and accumulators in the acquisition of new equipment and the like;
e) cleaning of premises in order to prevent the accumulation of garbage, scrap, mobile or others that may cause harm to public health, fire risk or danger to the environment;
f) cleaning exterior areas, where there are wastes from attached activity they do.

3. those responsible for carrying out repairs of vessels must comply with the other requirements and prohibitions relating to environmental and safety aspects, which are contained in specific legislation relating to repairs of vessels and their regulation of the yard.

Article 20
Other services

The m. Couto Alves-Marina de Gaia, Inc. may provide, directly or through third parties, additional services and support vessels in terms and conditions to be determined.

Chapter IV


Article 21

1. through the parking lot of boats afloat and dry is because the corresponding payment according to the price list in force.

2. the prices payable through the parking lot to swim and dry as well as by the provision of other support services and conditions of payment shall be fixed annually, by m. Couto Alves-Marina de Gaia, Lda., and posted in a visible location, easy public access.

3. the prices of parking of boats afloat and dry may include the provision of water and electricity to the vessels, the use of shower blocks, where these are available, and other services that will be created for common use and identified as such.

4. payment of the prices referred to shall not exempt the owner of the vessel to pay any other fees, taxes or charges, State, municipal or other, that they are due.

5. the m. Couto Alves-Marina de Gaia, Inc. can practise different prices from those organisms and diseases listed in the tariff, in duly justified cases approved by the Board.

Chapter V

Chapter V
Final and transitional provisions

Article 42
Omissive Cases

It is the m. Couto Alves-Marina de Gaia, Lda., decide, on a case by case basis, with regard to situations other than those specified in this regulation.

Charging system

1. the exercise of commercial activities in Douro Marina, is subject to the payment of the service charges, environment, water supply and electricity, in accordance with articles 5 and 7 of this Regulation (annex III).

2. the rates set out in the preceding paragraph may, by resolution of m. Couto Alves-Marina de Gaia, Lda., to be reviewed annually with reference to 1 January of each year.

Chapter VI


Article 26
Interpretation and integration

It is the m. Couto Alves-Marina de Gaia, Lda. interpretation and integration of this regulation, and the decision about the doubts that its application or missing issues.

Article 27
Complaints and suggestions

Users can submit complaints orally or in writing or suggestions relating to performance of the services, the State of the premises or any other matter of interest for the proper functioning of the Douro Marina.

Article 28
Entry into force

This regulation and their amendments shall enter into force until January 2012.

Article 29

This Regulation shall be affixed in a visible place on the premises and services of the Marina of Gaia.

Regulations of the Shipyard Douro Marina


Article 1-subject-matter
Article 2-scope
Article 3-Official Entities and Authorities
Article 4-hours of operation/services
Article 5-entities that can engage in commercial activity in the yard of the Douro Marina

CHAPTER II-Contracts
Article 6-exercise regimen of Commercial Activity
Article 7 Services
Article 8-access Typology
Article 9-the port Community

Article 10 obligations of the holder of the authorization of service
Article 11-obligations of Dealers
Article 12-Environment
Article 13-Responsibilities
Article 14-prohibition
Article 15-surveillance and access control
Article 16-refusal of access to the Port Area
Article 17-access Constraints
Article 18-restrictions on circulation mode
Article 19-movement of Vehicles
Article 20-Photos and Filming
Article 21 restrictions on smoking
Article 22-Preventive Measures
Article 23-Travel Services marking – Lift and Crane
Article 24-boat Washes
Article 25-the measures to be taken in the event of an accident
Article 26-conditions for performance of Works
Article 27-authorization for the execution of the work
Article 28-cleaning and stowing desktops
Article 29-Desimpedimento crossings
Article 30-Signage
Article 31-suspension of work
Article 32-Personal protection Conditions
Article 33-conditions of tool use
Article 34-conditions of use of equipment
Article 35-conducting Excavations and construction works
Article 36-work

Article 37-competence of the Supervisory Board
Article 38-Against-Ordinations
Article 39-lack of Licensing
Article 40-Lack of compulsory insurance
Article 41-Termination of the contract
Article 42 Kasos Missing

Annexes I-Map
Annexes II-Hours of operation
Annexes III-Charging system

Chapter I


Article 1

Applies this regulation to regulate a set of requirements for the prevention, operational functioning, environment and safety to meet maintenance and repair companies and other users of the site, using to Douro Marina, both sites listed authorized plant which constitutes annex I.

Article 2

1. for the purposes of this regulation, the following definitions shall apply for the reparation, the company workshop crew of the vessel or other (companies or individuals) engaged in the repair or maintenance of boats.

2. the direction of m. Couto Alves-Marina de Gaia, Lda. assumes no liability for loss, damage, accident or damage caused by non-compliance with the provisions of this regulation and complementary regulations or lack of due precaution (intent or negligence) of all those who, in service or not, not being employees, attend the shipyard area.

Article 3
Official Bodies and authorities

1. The staff of the authorities and officials, in the exercise of its functions and duties, provided that they are duly identified have free access to any area of the Douro Marina, but they should comply with regulations in force under the same.

2. the officials of the Tax Police Brigade, and Maritime Customs, can go to any port area of Douro Marina, when uniformed, in the case of moving desfardados, but in service, must carry identification card that will display when you are prompted.

Article 4
Hours of operation

Receiving support for the shipyard of Douro Marina will work in accordance with the table in annex II.


It is the responsibility of m. Couto Alves-Marina de Gaia, Lda., ensure the functioning of equipment, crane, Travel-Lift and petrol station at the times defined by the direction set out in annex II.

Article 5
Entities that can engage in commercial activity in the yard of the Douro Marina

1. the provision of commercial services in the yard and respective jurisdiction of m. Couto Alves-Marina de Gaia, Lda., may be exercised by:
a. Any legal persons, individual entrepreneurs, whose activity is duly licensed by the competent authorities and authorised by m. Couto Alves-Marina de Gaia, Lda. , and that would be subject to the payment of the service fee as set out in annex III to this regulation.

b. individual and or owner of boat, whose application for authorization for repair or intervention shall be submitted to m. Couto Alves-Marina de Gaia, Lda., and shall be subject to payment of the fees set out in annex III.

2. it shall be the responsibility of the m. Couto Alves-Marina de Gaia, Lda., authorize, on a case by case basis, the repair work or other interventions.

3. applications shall only be considered for repair or other interventions since they are clearly discriminated against the work to be done, the company responsible technician and restorative as well as the dates for the beginning and end of repair or intervention.

4. remain subject of claims or the work carried out on board ships, by own crew or owner.

5. possible changes to the planned intervention or repair work or additional work, require the submission of new applications for authorization to repair the Douro Marina.

Chapter II

Chapter II

Article 6
Commercial activity exercise regimen

1. for the purposes of commercial activity in the yard of the Douro Marina, are licensed and authorized by m. Couto Alves-Marina de Gaia, Ltd. Nautical workshops designed to effect

2. The authorisation holders providing services on site Marina, which is not "Douro" lessee in the Douro, Marina will be subject to a payment journal, listed in annex III.

Article 7

In the yard of the Douro Marina may be carried out only on the maintenance of vessels developing the following services in the places designated for effect:

a. Washing of boats

b. maintenance and repair of boats with or without warranty

c. Electricity

d. Compensation of fiber and carbon

e. General Mechanics

f. blasting and painting

g. oil Changes

h. replacement parts

i. sale of nautical equipment and parts

j. Repairs on candles, skins or mats

k. Other, provided that they are duly authorised

Article 8

In the port area, the various zones as regards the Typology of accesses
type of access are classified as:

a. free access zone-free access to the public areas.

b. conditional access Zone-areas labelled as such, conditional access service or other reasons duly justified and may not exist, or access control system.

c. restricted areas-labelled zonam with such restricted access to certain people for reasons of service or other duly justified reasons, existing or not access control system.

Article 9
Harbor Community

1. the entities directly related repairs shall report to m. Couto Alves-Marina de Gaia, Lda. and maintain up to date and publish a list of collaborators, vehicles and service company, communicating any changes to restorative, depending on which and having examined shall be issued access and circulation titles.

2. the m. Couto Alves-Marina de Gaia, Lda. shall draw up a list of people and vehicles allowed to enter port area, yard area, dry parking and other areas of their jurisdiction and issue access permits.

3. access to the site shall be made on presentation of the Access title issued by the Douro Marina in accordance with paragraph 2:0 pm articulation with the list referred to in paragraph 1, above, of this clause

Chapter IV

Chapter IV
Supervision and Sanctions

Article 37
Competence of Supervisory Board

The supervision of compliance with the provisions of this Regulation is the responsibility of m. Couto Alves-Marina de Gaia, Lda., APDL, the IPTM, police authorities and other entities with competence by reason of the matter.

Article 38

1. Is contra-ordenação punishable by fine any infringement of the provisions of this regulation and as such is typified in the following articles.

2. negligence and the attempt is always punishable.

3. At against-ordinances provided for in this Regulation shall apply to the general legislation against-ordinations.

Article 39
Lack of Licensing

Are not authorized entity/undertakings engaged in the commercial activity without if duly licensed and/or authorized pursuant to this regulation.

Article 40
Lack of compulsory insurance

The lack of compulsory insurance, in addition to preventing the operator carries out activity will mean that denounces the competent authorities.

Article 41.
Cancellation of the contract

1. Without prejudice to other penalties provided for under the legislation in force, the contract of commercial activity may be cancelled by breach of the provisions of this regulation or of the commercial lease contract of limited duration.

2. cancellation of the contract, in accordance with the preceding paragraph shall in no way imply that the m. Couto Alves – Marina de Gaia, Lda., any obligation of compensation, or the refund of fees paid.

3. the cancellation will not be determined without the prior hearing of the holder.

Horário da Marina
De 01/11 a 31/03De 01/04 a 31/05De 01/06 a 30/09De 01/10 a 31/10
09:00 horas09:00 horas08:30 horas 09:00 horas
18:00 horas19:00 horas20:00 horas19:00 horas

Horário da MarinhariaDe 01/05 a 31/10De 01/11 a 30/04

08:00 horas08:00 horas

22:00 horas20:00 horas

NOTA: Horário de Abastecimento de Combustível igual ao Horário de Atendimento

Horário do Travel-Lift e Grua De 01/11 a 31/03De 01/05 a 31/10

Entrada09:00 horas09:00 horas

Saída17:00 horas19:00 horas

Firma: M. Couto Alves - Marina de Gaia, Lda.
Actividade Exercida: Actividades dos Portos de Recreio.

Sede: Rua João Oliveira, Bloco 7, fracção B e C, Costa 4810-015 Guimarães
Contribuinte: 509633366
Localização: Vila Nova de Gaia

Vila Nova de Gaia, 01 de Janeiro de 2012

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